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Can You Choose The Best Service for Generators?

Can You Choose The Best Service for Generators
If your building contains a level 1 or level 2 generator, properly testing and maintaining it is more than a good idea; in most municipalities, it is also the law. Companies that don't staff emergency power technicians have a generator service perform testing and maintenance. Testing and maintenance for generators is performed on a daily, weekly, monthly, biannual and annual basis. Keeping this schedule current is especially important in summer, when high temperatures can complicate a power outage. If you are searching for a service for generators, below are four tips that can help you find one that meets your needs.
Choose a Company that Offers a Full Range of EPSS Services
Over the course of their lifespan, most generators require several types of service. If you choose a company that offers these services, you can avoid the hassle of switching to a new company as your service needs evolve. Below are three services that all generators require to remain operable and efficient:
�Scheduled maintenance on all components
�Monthly testing
�Annual Infrared scanning
As they age, many generators also require loadbank testing, modernization measures, and/or retrofits. A company that offers these services is prepared to meet your generator's needs in the long-term.
Choose a Company that Works with Companies Like Yours
Choosing a company that works with companies like yours involves two considerations: choosing a service that works with the voltage class of your company's Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS), and choosing one that works with businesses that are your company's industry. Different voltage classes require different types of testing and maintenance, and certain industries (e.g. healthcare) have special testing requirements for backup generators.
Choose a Company that has a Fast Response Time
Because EPSS issues can crop up when least expected, a service should be able to arrive on location in 2-3 hours or less. If your generator's service warranty has expired, and you are considering having the manufacturer perform maintenance and repairs, know that manufacturers usually take much longer to arrive on location than independent service providers.
Choose a Company that has a Successful Business History
Most companies wish to maintain a long-term relationship with a good generator service, which requires them to find one that will stay in business. While there is no guarantee that any service will be in business for years to come, a service that has a successful financial history of two years or more probably will be. The easiest way to assess the financial stability of a service is to enter its information into an online credit reporting system.
If you need to find servicing for generators, following the above tips can help you find one that matches your company's industry and EPSS profiles, resolves EPSS issues quickly, is poised to remain in business, and offers the services you need. Remember: maintaining emergency power equipment is about more than preventing power outages; it is also about keeping building occupants safe.

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