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What Is The Best Inverter Generator? Honda Portable Inverter Generator?

What Is The Best Inverter Generator? Honda Portable Inverter Generator?
Before the first Honda portable inverter generator was available, the company was perfectly aware of the problems with the old technology and the huge volume of delicate electronics that had pretty much taken over television manufacture, washing machine control, and, of course, the huge numbers of computers in almost everyone's home.
The old generators, the sort that ran at a constant speed of around 1500 revolutions a minute produce simple raw AC current which could destroy microprocessors. Inverters had been around for a long time, but these had to be connected to a battery, were extremely expensive to buy and worst of all, many of them produced only a modified sine wave. The true sine wave types had prices that would make your eyes water!
Honda was very aware that they could produce a pure sine wave inverter in massive numbers, for a fraction of the price of what was generally available, and from this the Honda portable inverter generator was born. Billions of microprocessors must have sighed in relief. Electrical alternating current that was at least the quality of commercially supplied power.
Even before the introduction of the digital inverter generator, Hondo were known to produce some of the quietest suitcase generators available. I know this from my own experience, my very first generator was a used Honda suitcase of indeterminate age that was so quiet that it could be barely heard from just a few feet away. Honda still strives to be a quiet as possible.
Normal speech is rated at around 60 decibels, and in normal load condition the Honda suitcase generators are quieter than that, a typical decibel reading would be in the 52 to 57 range. This is all down to brilliant engineering and absolute attention to detail.
The Honda inverter generator range includes five main models:
EU1.0i - Peak 1000 watts and rated 900 watts
EU2.0i - Peak 2000 watts and rated 1600 watts
EU26i professional - Peak 2600 watts and rated 2400 watts
EU30i - Peak 3000 watts and rated 2600 watts
EU30is - As the EU30i but with the convenience of electric start
They all share the same safety features and they can all be 'twinned', like for like, to double the available power. This even applies to the smallest 1000 watt unit. The benefit in 'twinning' rather than simply buying a bigger output generator is that they are not only lighter to move about, but if you know you are only on light use, you can run on a single unit and save fuel.

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